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A logo is the graphic representation of a company. It is the embodiment of the essence of an organization thus, making it easily recognizable. It is a sign that contains and constitutes the identity of a business and, depicts its personality in a distinctive way, by means of shapes and colors. A logo is the synthesis of the activities, products and services of a company. The major function of a logo is to identify and tell a company apart, as well as to create a lasting impression in the minds of consumers.

It is important for a logo to be recognized, above all, as a trademark. This occurs when actual and potential customers can directly associate the logo with the company it represents and when, through such symbol, consumers are able to get a comprehensive idea of the company. A well designed logo attracts public attention and makes recognition easy.

A logo is a central and concrete element of a brand. A brand, in turn, is as a symbolic structure which identifies a company’s products and services, but, which, above all, entails a group of values, expectations and a level of prestige. (Brands bear the reputation of a company. For many customers they are also an added -value to the product and serve as a guaranty and as a level of quality). The logo affords the company market position and mind share throughout the years.

The logo is also a key part within the corporate identity of a company. The corporate identity is the visual representation of a brand, and it consists of a group of graphic principles which identify the company, and are expressed in the logotype, envelopes, letterheads, personal cards, advertisements, brochures, and other items. The application of the same typography, shapes and colors makes it possible to keep visual continuity which is necessary for brand recognition.

On the other hand, although the words “logo” and “logotype” are generally used as synonyms, logos may be classified in the following way:

logo design portfolioLogotype: it is based on the name of the brand, either in full or abridged (for instance: Coca-cola or IBM). In this case the name is presented in a distinctive typography which turns the logo into the unique representation of a company.

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logo design ideasIsotype: it is based on an icon, which is either related in some way to the company’s scope of business or abstract . (e.g. Nike).

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logo design guidelinesIsologotype: it is the combination of text and icon (e.g. : Levi’s).

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Even though we take into account this distinction, in our site we will use the terms “logo” and “logotype” indistinctively, given that this is how they are daily used.

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