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At LogoDesignerOnline.com we give you a series of tips that will help you thoroughly understand the logo design process. With this information you will be able to take into consideration all the different aspects that the hired designer must bear in mind in the creation of a logotype.

Use an adequate semiotics

The designer must find the best way to convey the main message of the company through the logo, for the public to interpret it correctly. It is important for the logo to have a clearly-defined meaning, in order to avoid undesirable interpretations and confusions. The intended idea must be understood immediately, without further explanations, only by means of graphic resources (colors, shapes and typographies). In order to have a successful communication it is important to have semiotic coherence between the elements that compose the logo, the intended idea and, what is understood.

Use simple shapes

The most effective, appealing and memorable logos are the ones that contain the simplest shapes, just as the most well-known brand logos show it : Macintosh, Mc Donald’s, Nike, Adidas, etc. Therefore, geometric shapes are suggested, given that they have the advantage of being easily placed in any space and position, keeping the balance. However, regardless of the kind of shape used, what is important is that it be balanced.

Geometric shapes (circles, squares and triangles) are very effective due to their simplicity. Besides, they raise particular interpretations in our culture. Thus, the circle represents protection and endlessness, the square creates a sense of stability, security and confidence, while the triangle expresses tension and action. On the other hand, lines have several meanings, as well. Curved lines denote movement, softness and, are ideal to represent personal and informal relationships. In turn, Sharp borders and straight lines generate other feelings, such as formality, technology and rigidity.

Choose illustrating images

Once the company’s intended message has been clearly-defined, it is necessary to choose the image that will depict it. The designer may choose either a rather literal or a metaphorical image. In the first case, the selected icon is directly related to the scope of business of the company in question (an example would be

Choosing an image of a dog for a company that produces pet food). In the second case, an image representing the spirit of the company may be chosen, without making direct reference to the company’s business. The images from the first example are called symbolic images (they create logos that depict the company’s business), while those belonging to the second example can be called abstract ( they create graphic logos, which make an abstract reference to the company’s activity)

Therefore, choosing a representative image does not mean using an obvious icon. Even in the case of symbolic images, it is necessary to avoid visual clichés linked to different disciplines and specialties. Otherwise, the originality and distinctiveness every effective logo should have is lost. Most evident images must be elaborated so as to become unique, by using them with distinctive colors, backgrounds and, lines. A clear , original and memorable icon can be obtained; one which people will easily associate with the company. Abstract images, on the other hand, are ideal in cases where the company performs different activities.

In cases where logos are only based on text, the shapes of the font are also essential. The nature of the company must be represented by means of the typography, the body, the style, the inclination and the color. It is always important to maintain legibility in all sizes.

Take the public into consideration

When creating a logo it is essential to consider the company’s targeted public. In this way, through the analysis of the socioeconomic and cultural variables of the targeted audience, the designer can choose the appropriate speech and graphic language for the message to be successful. The logo for a financial company , for instance, can not be informal and youthful, given that the targeted audience does not generally bear those features.

Through a deep analysis of the traits of the people targeted, a design of a logo representative of both the company and its public can be created.

Take competition into account

In order to get a striking and outstanding logo, it is necessary to browse the logos of the competition. In so doing, a different, original and attractive design will be developed which will not be confused with the logotypes of other companies within the same area. It is essential for the design to be distinctive. Otherwise, an image similar to that of another company may become beneficial for the competition, especially if the latter has a strong market position. The core function of a logo is to identify a company without confusion.

Choose adequate colors

Bearing in mind the basic principle of simplicity, it is convenient to use few colors in the design of a logo. The colors chosen must underscore the shapes of the logo, as well as combine in a way that strongly raises public attention . It is essential for a logo to work both in colors and, black and white, given that many times it will have to be applied in faxes, photocopies, forms and, other documents. Defined colors are suggested instead of gradients, in generating greater appeal and impact. Highly recognized brands bear corporate colors, that is, fixed, according to Pantone scale.

On the other hand, selected colors must suit the company’s personality. Each color generates different feelings and ideas. Therefore, it is important to carefully select the color palette applied in a logo. It has been proved that colors influence people considerably and in various ways depending on their culture, gender and habitat, among other factors. In the color selection it is also necessary to make an analysis of the public targeted by the company.

Below, there are some colors with their corresponding general connotations:

logo design companiesBlue:

Blue creates a feeling of confidence, security, dignity, honesty and authority. Dark blue represents seriousness, academic environment, analytic character. Light blue, generates calm, peace, cleanliness and, freshness.

logo design portfolio

logo design softwareBlack and gray:

Both colors entail seriousness, formality, elegance, authority and distinction.

graphic logo design

logo design ideasBrown:

All the range of browns and beiges are associated with the earth, nature, wood and handiness.

logo design competition

logo design guidelinesYellow:

This color is associated with sun shine, light and heat, as well as with optimism and discovery.

great logo design

freelance logo designGreen:

This color is associated with nature, health, peace and quiet, freshness and movement.

cool logo design

animated logo designRed:

This color is related with aggression, strength, vitality, spontaneity, passion and courage.

web logo design

logo design sampleOrange:

This color generates a feeling of warmth, happiness, energy, joy, risk and exuberance.

good logo design

logo design templatesPink:

Expresses innocence, softness, warmth.

logo designing

logo design photoshopPurple:

Colors within the range of violet and purple are related with sophistication, spirituality, mystery, luxury and, Nobility.

logo design firm

Plan marketing methods

Having a good quality logo is not enough, it is also indispensable to promote it adequately. An intense marketing campaign alone may afford the logo a position in the market, recognition and remembrance. Therefore, the success of a logo does not only depend on its internal composition but also on its diffusion trough advertisements and other marketing methods. In this way, a strong brand recognition is created.

Register the design

Once the logo of a company is designed, registration is important for protection and preservation of the company’s identity. This stage is necessary to avoid property conflicts. Given that the logo is a graphic representation of a company and the image embedded in the minds of the public, precautionary measures must be taken in order to avoid use by unauthorized third parties.

State when a brand phrase or slogan should be used.

A brand phrase is a short sentence that synthesizes the message, objectives and philosophy of a company. It is helpful to apply it together with the logo in those cases where the company offers many different products and services. In such cases, it is difficult to find an image that embraces, by itself, the plurality of the company.

A brand phrase helps enhance and expand the meaning given by the logo, and makes instant comprehension easier.

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