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Considering the characteristics a logo must have in order to be communicative and commercially successful

( such as simplicity, appeal, consistency and, a myriad of factors to be taken into account in the creation of a high quality logotype – colors, shapes, typographies, public, etc. –) hiring a highly qualified graphic designer becomes indispensable.

The task of the graphic designer is utterly important given that it is the professional the one that has the knowledge and the experience required to design a unique and striking logo. A hired designer will exclusively devote himself to the project presented by a company.

The designer will first gather all the information necessary to grasp the essence and message of the company. This means that he will do meticulous research into the company’s business, the characteristics of the products and services it offers, the customers and public targeted, the relationship between them, etc. From the results of the investigation , the designer will obtain enough knowledge of the company so as to distinguish the key and representative aspects to be portrayed in the logo. If this ideas are not incorporated, the design will be a mere image, meaningless and unrepresentative. This may, in turn, result in a great disadvantage for the company.

Once the designer has caught the message the logo must convey, he will have to render that message into the graphic language, in order to obtain a synthetic visual and verbal representation of the company, simple and easily remembered. The synthesizing capacity of a logo is one of its key functions. A logotype is not a simple drawing with the name of the company. It is a representation of all the distinctive traits of a company compressed in an image that may be composed of a graph, a typography or both.

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Graphs are composed of an image or images the designer deems relevant for the transmission of the company’s message. Typographies also transmit specific ideas (despite the common misconception that holds that a typography is just letters and, therefore, conveys no feeling). For instance: if a company that manufactures children’s toys needs a logo composed only of typography, the designer will have to think how to adapt (or choose) the typography accordingly. That is to say, he will have to consider that the logo should convey happiness, innocence and joy. Therefore, a typography with dark or aggressive colors will not be the best choice.

To sum up, only a logo design professional is able to comply with all these steps which are necessary for the creation of this piece, that is so important for the commercial success of a company. So, let’s revise all the characteristics of a graphic designer:

logo design companiesResearch capacity.

logo design portfolioSynthesizing capacity .

logo design softwareCapacity to distinguish the necessary items to be portrayed in the design.

graphic logo designKnowledge of the graphic elements that must or can be applied in furtherance of commercial success of a design and in order to adjust to the message recipients.

In addition to the skill only graphic designers have for drawing, using images and typographies as well as, special design and creativity programs.

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