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A good quality logo poses many advantages you must bear in mind in order to favor the development of your business. We can assure that a logotype has the following advantages:

It depicts the core objective of a company and its values: the logo design is not an arbitrary design, on the contrary, it is a graphic composition produced out of the investigation done by logo creators. They must be capable of gathering the most typical features of a company, its common consumer public , the message the company wants to transmit to its customers, etc., and portray all of them in a logo that will become the company’s representative symbol.

It makes a company easily distinguishable among its competitors: given that many companies offer very similar products and services, each of them must succeed in depicting those features which make them special, those distinctive aspects which will make the consumer public choose them instead of the competition. The logo plays a key role in this because it is a direct representation of a company. If the logo were similar to another existing logo, consumers would consider the company a hardly serious and committed business. On the other hand, if a logo does not represent the typical characteristics of a company , the public will not distinguish the company’s business, and it will, therefore, go unnoticed in the market where it belongs.

It helps the public recognize a brand immediately and unmistakably: when a logo is properly designed, it becomes a powerful symbol for the company it represents. To the extent that the consumer public, when faced with a simple image of the logo, no matter where it may be – on a billboard or on an empty pack in a waste basket-, will immediately recognize the company’s brand, its business and most importantly, its quality.

It boosts sales: by driving brand recognition the company gains market position; a feeling of trust and quality within the consumer public is created, and consequently, sales increase.

The logo affords the company a market position: products and services of a company that has a logo will, consequently, have an added value and consumers will choose that company regardless of what it offers.

It is a guaranty of quality for consumers: when a brand is well-known – largely thanks to the logo – the consumer public does not pay particular attention to the characteristics of the product or service, as it trusts the company for its wide recognition. A good logo, visually attractive, representative and high quality, will quickly gain market position, recognition and, consequently, public reliance.

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